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The project

The Monde du Nédo project was born from an observation:


too many business projects fail for lack of team cohesion and the ability to work collectively.


This situation puts the company in difficulty, can generate tensions within the teams, delays in the realization of projects and significant costs.


Intended for businesses, Le Monde du Nédo welcomes groups on a human scale so that they can take a step back in an inspiring and authentic place, and thus help them to contribute to the collective project of the company.  

Le Monde du Nédo is built around an extraordinary place,  the Château du Nédo , and a community of stakeholders.

The community

Based on the sharing of knowledge, Le Monde du Nédo leads a community of passionate speakers from different worlds.

Experts in various fields, their interventions aim to allow teams to draw inspiration from other worlds to develop their jobs on a daily basis. 

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