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Portraits of Speakers


Anne Vandendorpe

Coach & Consulting

Anne has been supporting the structuring moments of teams and key players in companies since 2015. Drawing on a strong experience of human resources and managerial roles, she gently challenges and questions without complacency. Anne always brings this systemic perspective which allows to embrace at the same time the questions of posture, governance, communications and of course of management. Its engines? Creativity, daring and consistency. 

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Christophe Torella 

Coach of sports and business athletes 

Because he considers them to be top-level athletes, Christophe believes that his clients, athletes or business leaders, must be supported in their humanity as well as in their organization. It is in this spirit that he coaches them with all his managerial and human skills that characterize him.

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Marie-Laure Brunet

Double Olympic biathlon medalist

His journey ? Two Vancouver Olympic medals, nine world medals and  thirty-five world podiums, the desire to understand the springs that  have made it possible to reach the high level.

Today, she offers you to host your business seminars  by leaving a trace in each of your collaborators. A conference  tailor-made in which each anecdote taken from its story  personal is transposed into your universe to resonate with  participants. Secondly, the Biathlon Team Building, a tool  educational, allows the activation of the vital forces of the company  to strengthen cohesion and reveal talents.

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Marc Le Quenven


After a first career in the finance sector, Marc  is retraining in the health and performance sector and specializes in micronutrition. A graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Naturopathie, he co-founded the paramedical firm Tourville in Paris in 2014 where he receives, among other things, high-level athletes and business leaders to enable them to ensure their balance and their health. Author of the book “Cuisine Naturelle”, he is also involved in major food groups in product innovation.

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Catherine Mercier

Equine Therapist & Coaching

Catherine, clinical psychologist and trainer, is also a therapist and coach with horses. The legal world has been his professional playground for more than 25 years. She also intervenes within the framework of the APESA system (Psychological Assistance to Entrepreneurs in Acute Suffering). A pioneer in the field of mediation with horses in the prison environment, she now accompanies people and companies with her own horses that she raises. Tremendous revealing of our behaviors and our relational modes, horses invite us to revisit them for a better life, whether in the personal field or that of the company.

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Michael Delouis

Professional coach

Michaël supports the “line shoppers”, drivers of change in the world of tomorrow. It guides and sets people and organizations in motion at their right pace to unleash their growth potential with confidence and consistency. 

Its values: benevolence, harmony, surpassing oneself, freedom. 

His credo: “you only go far with your heart” 

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Cyr Dioré

 Founding Director of Coviaé

Cyr is a pragmatic poet, a multi-entrepreneur shifted towards this kind of business of tomorrow. With Coviae, which he founded, he supports managers and their teams in connection with art, this unnecessary essential. With Greenfib, which he co-directs and this 100% biobased and sustainable material, he is developing a model of consistency with a planet that does not need to be saved but just needs to be loved. 

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Xavier Grenié 

 Forest technician, forest consulting, environment, biodiversity

Since the forest becomes the last space of biodiversity, besieged by urbanization and tourist developments, Xavier helps us to decipher the information and scientific knowledge of this great universe. This in order to better reconcile human activities and the preservation of nature while respecting natural soils, animal and plant species, and the renewal of the forest.

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Vianney Lepoutre

Sport Business Manager

Vianney and Sport Business Group are convinced that the company has a major role to play in sustainably improving the health of its employees. By acting on the health of its teams, the company also responds to issues of quality of life at work and individual and collective performance.  Through sports education, Vianney builds training and experimentation courses to train each player in the company as high-level athletes.  These courses also aim to work on the fundamentals of the collective and to inspire everyone to act or manage differently to aim for sustainable performance. The partnership with Le Monde du Nédo makes it possible to offer a playground combining disconnection, rejuvenation, exchanges and interactions with a wide variety of sports experiments. This in a breathtaking setting!

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Thadée Vieille-Cessay & Thibaud Blanquart

Founders of Fortress Adventure

Passionate about adventure and history, Thaddée and Thibaut have chosen to make it their daily life. Together, they created Fortress Adventure, a start-up dedicated to the scripting of heritage through games. They support communities and private sites in the promotion of hidden treasures by staging them and placing the visitor as the hero of the story. Due to the values they share with Le Monde du Nédo, it was obvious that they would work together on projects. They thus propose to come and live immersive adventures of cohesion, surprising, inspiring and exhilarating.

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Jean-Philippe Le Meitour

professional skipper

After 30 years practicing as a Dental Surgeon (in his native Gulf of Morbihan), Jean-Philippe returns to his first love: sailing.  His offshore & transatlantic racing experiences and his diplomas as a sailing instructor and professional skipper pushed him to want to transmit and teach sailing in a fun and participatory way.  Jean-Philippe likes to create various workshops (decision-making, weather study, knots, etc.) by reducing the complexity of learning to sail as a team. All in a "corner of Brittany" that he cherishes and evokes with passion.

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Christophe Grolleau

Coach - Trainer - Speaker

Based in Brittany, Christophe is the co‐author of the book “Caseries around the spirit of a rugby locker room” ‐ La société des Écrivains - published in 2013. Great lover of mental preparation, player, coach, general manager_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and finally co-shareholder of professional rugby clubs, Christophe Grolleau is an expert in the holistic approach of the individual, the team and the organization in search of performance. Theoretician of the difference between "good and real" relationships between team members, this Breton peasant coach has found in the ecosystem of Le Monde du Nédo an ideal environment for questioning the definition of what is natural.


Morgane Belz

Dressage and show rider - Riding instructor

Passionate about horses since the age of 6, Morgane has made this passion her multifaceted profession, with the will and the pleasure of transmitting her knowledge through teaching. Her vision of the equine universe: a mode  of expression, listening, respect, encounters and sharing through the equestrian show. The alliance of equestrian art and sporting technicality. Work in collaboration with the horses in a spirit of trust and mutual proposal.

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